About us

HubBox runs a network of shops operating as parcel collection points across the UK. We are constantly expanding, through partnerships with independent shops, chains, and large enterprises. HubBox is always on the lookout for businesses who want to engage new customers and generate an extra revenue stream.


New revenue

Gain a new revenue stream. You are paid per parcel managed, and there are opportunities for bonus income too

More footfall

Drive additional footfall into your shop and attract new local customers who may have never visited your shop before

Easy parcel management

No additional equipment is required - HubBox provides apps that run through your computer or smart phone (iOS and Android)

It’s free!

There is no charge to you and there never will be. We provide everything you need, including training, materials, and tech

Get in touch

Just contact us and we'll get right back to you to provide more information or set you up as a HubBox Collect Point. The process is quick and easy so why not reach out today?

Our network partners

We partner with these organisations and more to operate thousands of Collect Points across the country. If you run a chain or enterprise, please do get in touch and we can tell you more about making your shops HubBox Collect Points.


Payzone UK is a British branded, leading consumer payments acceptance network that provides payment solutions and more to UK businesses.


Epay is one of the UK's largest suppliers of electronic payment solutions offering services at both large and small retailers across the UK.


The ExtraCare Charitable Trust was established in 1988 and operate a network of charity shops around their Midlands base and further south.

MW Phillips

Each of their pharmacies can offer a range of dispensing services alongside a selection of specialist services with private consultancy available.

How it works

Managing parcels with HubBox is as easy as 1-2-3

Customers select your shop as their Collect Point when they shop online

You receive the parcel from the courier and add it to the HubBox system using our app

The customer collects the parcel and you log it out of the system

The HubBox Collect Point apps

We’ve developed technology to make managing parcels quick and easy for you. You don’t need any extra equipment - just your computer or smartphone, and you can log parcels in seconds with a simple two-step process. The app can be used by as many members of staff as required. Check your parcels that are on the way and in store, add and give out parcels, and access staff training and help, all through the app.


Web app

Our web app runs right on your in-store computer so that every member of staff has access. It’s been recently revamped to include a staff training section, as well as tips and tricks and up-to-the-minute parcel information

App Store


iOS app

Use your iPhone to manage parcels with the HubBox app. Add and give out parcels, check the parcels that you have in store, and access how-to videos and FAQs.

Download from the App Store:

App Store


Android app

Our recently updated Android app includes best practice and staff training sections, as well as quick access to parcel management tools and up-to-the-minute parcel information.

Download from the Play store: